Humans of New York: Hillary Clinton Opens Up About Double Standards


By Manuela Domingos

Recently, Hilary Clinton was featured on the popular blog “Humans of New York." I think this is possibly the most transparent she’s ever been as far as politics go.

She recounted a story in which she was getting ready to take a law school entry exam when she found herself in a room full of men who taunted her with all sorts of despicable insults. 

Some went as far as calling her out because of her gender. Clinton further recounted her experience as a public figure. She opened up about how she may be perceived as "walled off" and "unemotional" and how that may affect her as a woman running for president. 

She stated: “Women are seen through a different lens. Its not bad. Its just a fact. Its really quite funny. Ill go to these events and there will be men speaking before me, and theyll be pounding the message, and screaming about how we need to win the election. And people will love it. And I want to do the same thing. Because I care about this stuff. But Ive learned that I cant be quite so passionate in my presentation.” 

Setting all politics aside, in some form or another, I think most of us can at least relate to the double standards Clinton addresses.

It happens quite often when women take on roles that are given more often to men. Women in these situations tend to be pressured to meet certain expectations. We are told we can’t be "too loud,” because being too loud is not womanly. But, at the same time, we can’t be "too timid" either because we must be firm since we live in a world dominated by men.

We are told we can’t be “too loud.” But, at the same time, we can’t be “too timid” either because we must be firm since we live in a world dominated by men.

Where do we cross the line of what is seen as acceptable and what isn’t seen as acceptable? 

These are the things we must think about and address for our own selves.


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