How to Stop Stressing Over Your Ex


Manuela Domingos

If you’re a girl who’s ever gotten her heart broken, chances are you’ve probably experienced some sort of deep sadness over the break up.

It’s normal to cry, to feel depressed or feel like your world is completely falling around you. It is also easy to feel like you’ll never meet someone like them ever again. 

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Give your sadness its grieving period, for this is normal and natural. But after a while, you must recognize, that for your own sanity, you cannot continue to be depressed over a man.

When you allow the weight of someone else’s doing to consume you, you become a victim of their works. Trust me, coming from someone who is not particularly entertained by the idea of chasing a man, at one point, you just gotta let go. It will drive you insane. You will bawl your eyes out and want to possibly jump in front of a moving vehicle of some sort, but I guarantee you that it is not worth it. 

You will lose your focus, your hustle, and your grind. Nothing, absolutely nothing is worth losing any of that.  

I understand that we are not made of steel, we have emotions, and we are only human. But eventually, beating a dead horse only makes the horse extinct. Stop trying to revive a situation that seems hopeless and helpless.

Stop trying to revive a situation that seems hopeless and helpless.

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If things are meant to be, God will find a way to bring two people back together. Pray about it, and leave it to God. Don’t pray about it and obsess over it the next day. Literally, let it go

Be happy for the goals they’ve achieved, with or without you. Be genuinely happy for their progress. Don’t wish harm on anyone, no matter how angry you may be. 

When you’re focusing on you and wanting to become a better version of you, things will start falling into place. Have a happy outlook of the future.

Be the girl of Proverbs 31:25:  

            “…she is clothed with strength and dignity and laughs without fear of the future.”

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