So You’re Single? Here’s How to Make the Most of It


By Manuela Domingos


You're thinking about the future.

Chances are, you might not be where you want to be financially.

You thought you'd graduate in a certain time period but circumstances prolonged your stay.

At this point in your life, you'd spoken into existence a healthy relationship. But there's none.

Once again, the year is coming to an end and you find yourself single once more. You're in the same spot where you found yourself in the beginning of the year. 

Somewhere in between you met someone. There was hope. There was something brewing. You thought that perhaps, he could be the one you brought home to your mother.

Except, he turned out to be something of the complete opposite, and that chapter in your life has ended as well.

You're back in a place of tranquility. Except it's not exactly the space of tranquility that you want. 

Rather, it's stagnant. Unmoving. You feel like there's no hope. 

The childhood stories of the prince that would come sweep you off your feet have long become a far-away dream. Beyond reach, unattainable.

The childhood stories of the prince that would come sweep you off your feet have long become a far-away dream

You look at your peers and the happy relationships they possess. You guilt trip yourself into believing that there is something wrong with you. 



It's going to be okay. 

Recognize that your bubble of solitude is not a curse, but rather a blessing.

Your place of solitude is a fortress, preparing you to become something great. Preparing you for the right one, whoever he may be, whenever that may be. 

As hard as it may be to erase the thoughts of what could've been or what should be, know that this moment in your life, this story, is exactly how it's supposed to unfold.

It couldn't have been written any other way.

Enjoy the fact that you're single. Learn to love yourself and every ounce of possibility in which that may mean.

Learn to embrace your flaws, the very thing that drives you insane. 

Without it, you'd not be who you are. 

Imagine a picture perfect version of yourself. That's nearly impossible.

Would your life still be as interesting as it is now? 

The very thing that hurts you, blackens your emotions, I guarantee will strengthen you as well.

You may not see it right now. You may not recognize it, but everything will slowly come into fruition.

So breathe.

Your solitude is not a curse. Walk in it with grace. Be happy for those that possess what you think you should have.

Then live.

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