4 Ways to Fight Jet Lag

By Manuela Domingos

As someone who travels overseas, I’ve experienced Jet Lag. Getting back into a familiar routine after being in a different time zone can practically feel foreign and difficult. For those who aren’t familiar with jet lag, it is a “temporary sleep disorder due to travel across multiple time zones.”

Often times, some people make mistakes when they get back to their familiar routine of sleeping. Here’s some tips I would recommend to anyone fighting from jet lag. Remember, what works for me might not work for someone else. There are purely tips I found effective.

Avoid caffeinated drinks. You’d think that you’d need to live off of coffee during the day to keep awake, but remember that there’s other alternatives. Excessively drinking coffee to stay awake will only make it harder for you to try to sleep later on at night, possibly make you more jittery and anxious and add to your inability to sleep for a long period of time. Instead, avoid caffeinated drinks. Drink green tea and lots of water instead. Also stay clear from any soft drinks, as this has the potential of making you feel lethargic.  

Be active. When your time changes are different, you’re more than likely to sleep when you’re not supposed to sleep. It’s easy to practically sleep the whole entire day. At times, you’d think that getting some rest will eliminate you from feeling fatigued throughout the whole entire day, but in the contrary this might actually make you feel overly lethargic. Try and be active. As hard as it may seem, the last thing you’d probably want to do is go to the gym and work out. Remember, if your body is constantly on the go, you’re exercising your mind. Once it’s time to go “night, night” you’ll feel better about getting a great night’s sleep. After all, you didn’t just spend your whole entire day in bed.

Stock up on lots of fruits and vegetables.

Eat healthy. This may seem obvious, but probably one of the easiest things to not do. When you’re back in town from overseas, chances are you’re feeling pretty tired and the last thing you’d want is to cook up a whole meal. I’d recommend making the effort to stock up on lots of fruits and vegetables. These foods have all the necessary nutrients you need for your body that may have been lost during your travel time. So eat up all your veggies and fruits! You’ll feel way better.

Sleep. Really, sleep. Don’t get back into the habit of staying up late and not going to bed early. If you feel tired, don’t force yourself to watch another “Netflix Special” because we all know that “one more” means “ten more.” Fighting off sleep only hinders your circadian rhythm cycle and makes it much more difficult for you to get back in the hang of things. So sleep!

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