Music Impacts This Gender More Than You Think

By Manuela Domingos  


With an artistic license comes room for creativity and freedom of expression. The constitution holds our right to freedom of speech. What we do with our free speech, however, has the power to influence others. I think so is the case, especially when it comes to music and the artist behind the music. This is why I think we need to be more mindful of what we listen to, especially boys, who grow up to be men.

We live in a culture where often times Hip Hop culture idolizes women in a certain light. Good ole’ fashion courting is thrown outside the window, rather, sliding into DMs is becoming much more acceptable. The “B” word has become our first name in every song.

Subconsciously, we are telling our boys that it is okay to only want a certain body type, to have sex and then leave her, to crave a side chick, and to exploit a woman’s body when it looks a certain way.

I want everyone to be mindful of the word I use here: boys not men. Although not every grown man is one hundred percent fully aware of such implications, every mindset derives from somewhere. It begins when we are fed images and voices. Often times the younger generation is the consumer of these images and voices and is immersed into this culture. Those that come before us had the opportunity to experience music in a different age where lyricism was way different from what it is now.

It’s fun. It’s catchy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying it’s not dope music. However, we fail to realize how much music has an impact on how we think and feel towards others. It’s an art form that is way too powerful, often times undermined in its psychological implications.

Let’s take some time to educate our boys once again on how to treat our girls. And let’s tell our girls that she doesn’t have to look like the vixen model that is reoccurring on every music video so often, and that it’s okay for her to be different.

Let’s take some time to educate our boys once again on how to treat our girls.

   Let’s applaud our men who recognize the difference between listening to music for pure entertainment, and treating our women with respect. Those two shouldn’t hold a correlation. It’s how we decide to treat one another and how we choose to love. That’s what matters the most.


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