Can Social Media Induce Depression?

By Isabella Rolz


Yes, and lots of it! Despite social media being a great part of our lives considering that our daily tasks depend on its use; social media can induce depression as well. In a world where individuals constantly check their favorite websites to find news that spread unreal beauty standards, break ups, violent scenarios and lots of drugs; there’s definitely a lot of reasons to increase depression with the use of these websites.

A recent study by the University of Pittsburgh, determined that the more time young adults spent time using social media, the more likely they’re to be depressed. Additionally, the study emphasized that “the exposure to highly idealized representations of peers on social media elicits feelings of envy and the distorted belief that others lead happier, more successful lives.”

the more time young adults spent time using social media, the more likely they’re to be depressed.


After finding out about this study, I decided to analyze my daily life in relation to social media, and here it is:

Personally, every time I wake up and check my daily mail, I get a lot of emails from stores like Victoria’s Secret, Macy’s, Old Navy and much more that contain images of models with perfect bodies and standards of beauty that are nonexistent. Afterwards, I open Instagram and scroll down to again find images of beautiful models posing in tiny bikinis and flaunting their photoshopped bodies. I also find photographs of celebrities luxurious lives, including expensive vacations and clothing. Lastly, throughout the day I check my Facebook profile were I get countless news regarding drug and alcohol consumption and violent related issues.

In conclusion I can say that because I rely on social media that much, I get more exposed to suffering from depression. Nonetheless, I’ve decided to ignore all of the negative characteristics, and take advantage of the positive side of social media!


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