Why You Need to Stop Taking Money from Your Parents in Your 20’s

By Isabella Rolz

This year, I turn 23-years-old. Yes, I know. I’m pretty young, and for a vast majority of persons I’m still a kid. I was born in the 90’s, therefore, I’m a millennial because I’m reaching adulthood in the 21st century. And because I’m a millennial, I was born in the globalization and cross cultural era, where young adults are far more independent and travel the globe looking for opportunities.

If you think about it, why is unemployment such a concern? Given that us millennials have more opportunities than older generations, including more access to education, increase in technology and better use of networking.  Oh, maybe it’s because competition has increased, and consequently, to get employed we need to compete harder against each other. Well let me break it to you, young adults: this COMPETITION is actually a good thing, because it makes us a more efficient and independent generation.

Personally, I decided two years ago, that this competition was going to become a positive challenge, and that as an independent woman growing up with the millennial generation, I was going to stop taking money from my parents. I decided instead to take advantage of the countless opportunities that globalization offers. This year as I am preparing to turn 23, I realized that financial dependency will only bring me a step backward in my career path, and therefore telling my parents I no longer need their financial help has granted me more freedom and academic opportunities.

I realized that financial dependency will only bring me a step backward in my career path


I’m writing this article, to invite other millennials to do the same, if you haven’t already made that decision. Become a part of this existent competition and financially support yourself. There’s nothing more liberating and satisfying than paying your own stuff, without the help of your parents.

We’re millennials: the generation of change and possibilities!

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