The Hidden Treasure Every Travel Addict Should Visit


By Isabella Rolz

 My eyes couldn’t believe such a picturesque view was real and not a utopic dream. I was out of breath. To get where I was standing, I had to walk through the jungle for approximately three hours. Nonetheless, I could not hesitate to take thousands of shots of this awe-inspiring scenery. It was just not possible that in such an unusual place, there were seven massive waterfalls, beautifully carrying crystalline water, causing the several species of fish to be perfectly admired by the public.


In the northern part of Guatemala, there’s a state populated by an exotic population known as the Garifunas. They constructed their village on the coast of Livingston, Izabal, where there’s a beach, famous for having white sand. The only white shore, in a country where coasts are covered by black-volcanic dust.


Only a few minutes away from Playa Blanca, hides in the distance the crystalline pools of turquoise color. The name Siete Altares derives from the jaw-dropping spectacle that these pools portray. It is believed by the locals that this place is enchanted because it counts with both animal and plant life, that no other spot in Guatemala or Central America has. The flora and fauna in Siete Altares is completely unique. It’s the kind of scenery that one wants to admire for hours. During my five-hour-long visit, I was able to watch uncommon species of fish and birds.


I felt like an explorer discovering mysterious lands and conquering hidden places; yet, I was not the conqueror, but the powerless subject being conquered by the astonishing features that make up Siete Altares. I thought that nothing could get better, until it was time for the sun to set down. The sunset’s palette contrasted the turquoise color, creating an image, that no other place in the world can achieve.

I felt like an explorer discovering mysterious lands and conquering hidden places


The time I discovered Siete Altares, was the time I realized my native country hides treasures every travel addict should visit to experience Guatemala’s nature.


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