The Top Reason Women Shy Away from the Tech Industry

By Isabella Rolz

When my sister first announced she was admitted to the University of Michigan’s School of engineering, I was beyond proud! This was because it is rare for a woman to aspire such a career. I couldn’t stop thinking that I could not picture myself in that field. To be honest, I mean, I don’t have enough confidence to to work in Silicon Valley, with the rest of computer scientists, engineers and programmers.

I decided to do some research and investigate about the women population in this area. Here’s what I found:

The tech industry globally is male-dominated, especially, in Silicon Valley; home to several high-tech industries and software development. However, this is nothing new, several big companies like Facebook, Google, Slack and Instagram have published numbers which show gender inequality in this industry.

Why is there gender inequality in the tech industry then? I must confess: one time, while eating in the cafeteria, I overheard a conversation between a group of women and men discussing the gender issue in the tech industry. One of the individuals concluded that this inequality was because men were more talented than women regarding careers such as engineering, computer science and programming; none of the group members denied his theory.

I couldn’t resist to tell my sister about this conversation I had overheard. She was furious but she suggested that I to do some more academic research to see the real reasons why this gender gap continues in this industry. I immediately went to the library, where I found a couple of papers that said that despite being a non-quantitative variable, the reason why women did not enter the tech industry was due to their lack of confidence. A lot of women are afraid they might fail in such a rigorous place; some girls who even start studying engineer, drop-out after a couple months because they don’t feel capable enough.

the reason why women did not enter the tech industry was due to their lack of confidence

Of course, this is all a lie! Women are perfectly capable of studying and succeeding academically in the tech industry. At least, all of those papers agreed on that idea; women can become great engineers!


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