Hands Up, Shoot Me Anyway

By Manuela Domingos


Recently a new video has surfaced in which a man could be seen lying on the floor, his arms outstretched in front of him, clearly complying with police. The man who so happened to mercifully survive the gunshot is a behavioral therapist who was attempting to calm down a patient with autism. Florida police received a phone call claiming the boy with autism was holding a gun, which was actually a toy truck. When the police officer was asked why he shot the man, he responded, “I don’t know.”


Before I go any further with any commentary on the incident, I’d like to point out that regardless of the man’s race, this should never happen to anyone.

It is scary to think that we live in an age where “hands up” means “shoot me anyway.”

It is scary to think that we live in an age where “hands up” means “shoot me anyway.”

Police brutality is an abuse of power. We are taught to obey law enforcement and to feel protected by law enforcement, but all law enforcement is not good. Rather, power continues to be distributed to the hands of people who chose to exploit that power for personal contorted agendas.

No matter how many articles we write, how many conversations we start, it feels like we are stuck in limbo.

Let us create a world where we can not only be safe but feel safe as well. But if we teach our children of color how to act accordingly to police, yet we are still gunned down, what do we become?

Charles Kinsey should not ask why he was shot when he did everything right.

Most importantly, “I don’t know,” is not a sufficient enough of an answer.

Justice must be served.


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