How An Atheist Brought Me Closer to God


By Manuela Domingos

Every once in a while you meet someone that shifts your perspective ever so slightly, allowing you to see a part of your world never seen before.

This happened when I met someone about a year ago, in an unlikely place, at an unlikely time.

Friendship blossoms at the most unexpected of times, I’ve come to realize. Each one teaches you something about yourself.

When I first met him, everything sort of clicked in this overly, complicated fashion that needed no understanding. I just knew that something weird was about to happen, and for some reason this “weirdness” would take me on a crazy, elated ride. 

Conversation spewed like an endless jackpot in a casino. I felt like I was winning. Every time my mind was intellectually stimulated, I gained a rush. It was exciting to bounce off ideas with someone that challenged your mindset and dug deeper into your disposition, forcing you to re-strengthen your faith and dig deeper into understanding humanity and creation.

He was born into inherited faith. As a young boy, he struggled with the concept of an existing God. As he grew older into adolescence and adulthood, his faith began to waver and diminish. Finally, in college he de-converted and became an atheist. 


his faith began to waver and diminish. Finally, in college he de-converted and became an atheist.


I recall thinking to myself, how this could possibly happen, considering my own circumstances, and how our paths growing up was so similar, almost identical come to think. Only difference was that he gave up on something that I considered to hold the universe together, he traded it in for this overly complicated formula that seemed hopeless, in my opinion.

 I knew not to be overly judgmental. It made me see a different side of humanity that exists. It challenged me, made me ask questions, think harder than I ever had before.

“What do you think then happens to us when we die?” I asked him often times. 

“I guess we just turn back into nothing. Diminish,” he would say.

Wrapping my mind around some overly complicated “big bang” theory about how the universe was created seemed rather too complexed, so I never really dug deeper. 

Oddly enough, we got along just well enough. Well, I guess in the sense of actually liking each other’s company.

Together, conversation allowed us to weigh our different perspectives.

Alone, I juggled with the same questions and talked to God, which enabled me to grow closer to Him.

However, our paths eventually led to different directions as circumstances dictated them otherwise. I’m glad I met him. I don’t think I would have dug much deeper if I never had. For this, I am thankful. 

My spiritual journey is not over yet.

 Oddly enough, deep down inside, something tells me that his isn't either. 

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