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Quick & Easy Do’s & Don’ts for Maintaining Natural Hair

By Manuela Domingos



1.      Moisturize Every Day. Yes, every day, even when wearing protective styling. Use a spray bottle mixture of water and Shea butter for protective hairstyles. The spray bottle is much more practical for protective hairstyles, as this allows moisturizing in all parts of the hair that are impossible to reach.

2.      Shampoo At Least Once a Week. Avoid shampooing every day as this strips essential oils from natural hair. When a shampoo is done, avoid using products with sulfate and look for “sulfate free” shampoos. Before shampooing, perform a “pre-poo,” which is the first step before the shampooing process. Use different oils like castrol oil or coconut oil. The oils should be left in the hair for at least 2-6 hours before rinsing.

3.      Deep Condition Your Hair After Washing. Deep conditioning after a shampoo allows a revival of moisture that may have been lost during the shampooing process. This also helps in decreasing breakage that may occur when combing the hair. To further avoid breakage, do a protein condition once a week.

4.      Trim, Trim Trim. Trim at least one centimeter of any split ends once a month.




1.      Sleep Without a Satin Scarf. Failure to sleep without a satin scarf or satin pillow case can cause hair breakage or allow moisture and oils to seep through pillows, which may permanently stain sheets.

2.      Keep Your Hairstyle Too Long. Do not leave in protective hairstyles for more than two months. Allow hair to breathe as much as possible. Be sure to wash your hair even with protective hairstyles.

3. Prevent Moisture. Avoid doing sew-ins too often, as this makes it harder to moisturize the hair.


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