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Tackle Oily Skin with These 4 Skin Care Tips

By Manuela Domingos

For those who suffer from excessive oily skin, we all know the trouble and hassle of trying to maintain, well, “non-oily” skin. It took me a few years to finally find what works best for my skin type. I struggled finding a routine that minimizes that unnecessary extra shine that shows up in pictures and the overly greasy face that leaves your make up looking gooey by the end of the day. As someone who lives in Houston, where it practically feels like 100 degrees during the summer and the humidity is at its highest peak, nearly at all times of the day, trying to not look oily is almost impossible.

Yet, though it may seem impossible, it’s manageable. I’ve compiled a list of skin tips for those who suffer from oily skin.


1.     Cleanser. I use an antioxidant facial cleanser with botanical extracts. Look for cleansers that have these ingredients included, as well as Aloe Vera, lemon juice extract, and Vitamin E. I use the Meladerm line of products, as it also helps with reducing discoloration from hyperpigmentation due to years of breakouts. The Aloe Vera and lemon juice extract ingredients play a good role in lightening up those unwanted acne scars. Keep in mind that oily skin creates build-up, which can cause breakouts. Although oily skin is not a sole contributor of break outs, it does play a role. Finding the first step in reducing shine is the key. A good cleanser is the perfect place to start.

2.     Toner. After washing my face, I let my skin air dry. This is not necessarily a must, but it works well for me. Using a towel to dry your skin can at times cause unnecessary friction that surprisingly, causes skin irritation and pimples. If you use a towel, make sure to dab your face gently rather than rubbing it and be sure to use a clean towel at all times. I use a purifying facial toner with cucumber extract (also from the Meladerm line of skin care products) that removes all make up residue and dirt. Evidence is right there on your cotton balls. Imagine all the amount of buildup this can cause in a week without using a good toner that removes all those invisible unwanted remnants!

Imagine all the amount of buildup this can cause in a week without using a good toner

3.     Moisturizer. Finally, I use a moisturizer that helps reduce hyperpigmentation for age spots, acne marks, old scars, and uneven skin tone. If you’re using a moisturizer to minimize scarring, make sure that any moisturizer is hydroquinone-free and paraben-free. Hydroquinone and parabens are dangerous contributors to cancerous diseases. Apply a sunscreen of at least 35 SPF at all times. This speeds up the process of getting rid of those scars and protects your skin from ultraviolet radiation, which causes skin cancer.

4.     Acne Treatment. Thankfully, I no longer suffer from moderate acne, although I still get the occasional break-out here and there. Keep in mind that it is normal to still break out in your twenties. Some people are surprised that they begin to get acne in their twenties when they never had acne a day in their lives. This is all due to hormonal changes which comes with age, and don’t worry it’s normal. A good indicator of this would be breaking out in your jaw, chin, and cheek area. I personally try to avoid over the counter acne treatments, as this tends to dry the skin and excessively strip it of its natural oils. I use Alba Botanica Natural Acnedote, which can be purchased at any whole foods supermarket. This clear invisible treatment gel is oil free and is made up of 100 percent vegetarian products. It has no parabens, phthalates or synthetic fragrances.


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