5 World Travelers on Instagram Who Will Make You Jealous

By Isabella Rolz

Instagram: the most popular social media app that not only saves us from boredom and awkward situations, but also informs us with the latest news and trending topics. And, one of those trending topics is world travel. Several millennials have been hired by top companies after they’ve opened an Instagram account and posted astonishing pictures while traveling! Here are the top five travel Instagram accounts you should be following now. Follow with caution though, these accounts will make you jealous!

1.     @WorldWanderlust: Run by blogger and 24-year-old travel addict; Brooke Saward, there’s no way you miss this young woman’s daily adventures around the world. Since graduating from a University in Australia, a few years ago, Brooke hasn’t stopped traveling.  Her blog has been featured in several magazines and her Instagram account has thousands of followers. Her travels range from spending a weekend in luxurious Switzerland to backpacking in Peru.

2.     @ExpertVagabond: Mathew Karsten is a famous photographer and blogger known around the world for his unique Instagram account. This adventurous man has been traveling the world since 2011. As his website suggests, Mathew wants to “take risks, meet people, challenge himself, see amazing things, explore the world, and learn all he can.” Wherever he goes, he captures the culture of the country he’s in, through his pictures.

3.     @ParisInFourMonths: Carin moved to Paris in February of 2012, and never moved again after realizing the beauty of the city, the magic of the language and the delicious French cuisine. Her passion has always been photography, so this blogger decided to open an Instagram account and post daily shots from this romantic city. She’s now very famous and hundreds of thousands of fans admire her work.

4.     @NomadicMatt: He’s probably one of the most popular travel blogger. Matt has traveled the world so much, he published book called How To Travel The World On $50 A Day, which was on the New York Times best-selling list. After a trip to Costa Rica, his life changed and since has captured his remarkable pictures on Instagram and has gained thousands of followers.

5.     @DanielKordan: Last but not least, one of the world’s renown landscape photographers. Daniel grew up in beautiful Moscow, where he found inspiration for his first photographs. Since, he has acquired worldwide recognition for his unique and awe-inspiring pictures, especially because he captures unique landscapes no other travel photographer has ever shot.