Justice for Alton Sterling, Justice for Philando Castile, Justice for Humanity

By Manuela Domingos

In the aftermath of the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, I beg everyone to open their eyes and recognize the injustice that occurs way too often. Once again, we mourn the lives of those that have been taken away through the careless, cowardly acts of people who don’t respect humanity.

Friends, brothers, and sisters, this is not new. Our people have been set up in a marginalized system in the very hands of those that choose to exploit us, then kill us. We have been shot down for years, while being denied the very same rights that some take for granted through the mask of privilege.

It’s time we step up and put an end to this disease. This is not new. Rather, this is something that occurs behind places where cameras are unseen, neighborhoods where people are automatically judged by the color of their skin, and streets where innocent men and woman roam freely because that’s all they’ve ever known. Even upon these premises, someone else won’t let them live because they simply “looked suspicious.”

I apologize that my skin is a crime.

This is the moment for those who “love” and “sample” our culture to speak up; when the issues truly matter and hold weight. I beg you to use your voice to start a conversation, to put an end to an epidemic that not only grazed the veins of our ancestors, but continue to seep through the generation of our children and our children’s children.

It must stop.

Police brutality is real, these issues are real, racism is real. I beg you to help us in the fight for equality, for those who continue to be marginalized, for those who are stifled and beaten and for those who unfortunately cannot rise up because they are continuously beaten down, again and again.

Police brutality is real, these issues are real, racism is real.

It is time to put an end to “censorship” on things that need to be changed.

Alton Sterling is us. Philando Castile is us.

It must end now.


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