4 Places You Should Consider Volunteering at This Year


By Isabella Rolz

If you plan to be more active in your community this year, then the time to start is now. There are countless ways to volunteer in your community. You can look through hashtags on social media, keep your eyes peeled to Eventbrite or just get out there and visit places and volunteer for a good cause. When you volunteer, you grow both professionally and personally, and you get to become more involved in your community. Here are four places to consider volunteering at this year:  

1. National Parks This is the perfect opportunity to open doors for future jobs. Almost every city in the United States has famous historical sites where you can volunteer. For example, in New York, look into the Roosevelt-Vanderbilt National Historical Site. In San Francisco, you can apply to work for the Alcatraz Island.

2. Animal Shelter If you're an animal lover, this is your ideal job. Every animal shelter needs volunteers who can take care of the animals and work on the administrative side of the shelter as well. This job is pretty dynamic, everyday chores range from walking the animals, feeding them, and answering emails or phone calls.  

3. Habitat for Humanity If you’re looking for a VERY dynamic job, this will be your best shot. This famous organization, seeks thousands of volunteers to work on home-repairs in impoverished communities. Plus, you’ll meet interesting individuals who will inspire you and motivate you to find once in a lifetime opportunities.

4. Political Campaigns The presidential election may be over but there are still various local political campaigns and initiatives that you can join. If you're a political junky, you definitely want to look into this opportunity.  First, research who your local candidates are and try to get in contact with them to see which projects they are currently working on. You might also want to check if there are important organizations nearby working on lobbying projects. This is the perfect opportunity that will open doors to future jobs in the world of politics.