The Mind Diet


By Manuela Domingos

Amongst many others like myself, earlier this year I said goodbye to New Year’s resolutions and decided to take a different approach to making lifestyle changes. I found an amusing comparison to resolutions to that of the “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” tale. Resolutions are purely false alarms aimed to possibilities of failure. For some, they may work. For me, it simply doesn’t.

The summer season calls for endless possibilities: new work opportunities, travel, relaxation, fun time with family and friends. But what does it mean for the woman whose goal is to rejuvenate her mind? It’s not a coincidence that summer time paints the stories of unexpected romances, new life developments, and tales that bring excitement to the return of fall. It all begins in the mind. The power of thought breeds different habits and favorable results. The mind is the weapon for circumstance. Here are three ways to rejuvenate your mind this summer:


1.      Think Clean.

We are constantly told to eat healthier, in order to produce favorable body results, but we often fail to “vacuum” our thoughts. Pinpointing negative thoughts before they overcome and burden us is the first step to healthy thinking. Sometimes we create problems that simply aren’t there because of excessive overthinking.

2.      Think Positive Thoughts About Others.

As surprising as it may sound, thinking good thoughts about others actually makes us feel better about ourselves. When we uplift each other in our minds, we are making the conscious decision to love unconditionally.

3.      Stop Just Thinking and Do More Doing.

The reason why a lot of times we fail to accomplish our goals or procrastinate often is because we think of failure as an outcome. We are painting a future with our thoughts way before we even give success a chance.

We are painting a future with our thoughts way before we even give success a chance.


Thinking “clean” thoughts, allowing positive thoughts of each other, and stopping negative thoughts from dictating our future are some of the very few mind goals to the path of healthy thinking. It all begins with healthy thoughts. What are some mind goals you’d like to add to the list?