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22 & Single, Just The Way I Like It.

By Isabella Rolz

I am 22. I am a soon-to-be college graduate. I am a woman learning to love herself more every day. And, I am single. Yes, I am single, and want to remain this way for awhile because my first priority is me. I want to put myself first right now, and when it's time to settle down and share my achievements and life-goals with someone else, I will.

Growing up, I witnessed too many young people get too stressed out with dating. Many of my girlfriends felt the need to be with a boy in order for them to accept themselves. However, I noticed that there was always a common denominator that ended up breaking their fairy-tale relationships: excessive dependency.

These young women depended too much on their partners. Worst of all, I noticed that once their relationships ended, they seemed to feel as though their dreams ended as well. They never separated their personal life from their romantic life. Thus, after a break-up occurred, they always questioned, “Now, what I’m supposed to do?”

I have nothing against dating in your early twenties. If it’s possible to achieve a fulfilling relationship where both individuals are seeking personal growth, AWESOME! 

However, a relationship where one individual is giving more than their partner is an unstable one.

I would prefer not to partake in a relationship of that kind, I’d rather remain single and keep finding myself and reaching my personal goals. Through writing, I’ve learned so much about who I am and what I expect in life. I plan to move to a big city next year and get a full-time job. I also want to travel for a while and experience different cultures and cities.

I’d rather remain single and keep finding myself and reaching my personal goals

And for this reason, the only relationship I’ll be in is with myself: a 22-year-old woman with big dreams and expectations, looking to learn from the world she lives in and document everything through her writing.