4 Activities You Can Do to Stay Fit Year-Round


By Isabella Rolz

Most girls worked very hard in the spring to look stunning for summer. Last year, my workout routines were a combination of cardio and weight lifting, making my mornings a bit intense. Now, with summer about 6 months away, how are we going to say fit throughout these months so that we're not scrambling for our summer bodies when the season comes?

I mean, we’re all planning on looking AMAZING in our swimsuits the summer, thus we can’t neglect our workout routines for one second. Here are four activities you should consider incorporating into your workout routine.


1.     Running: It doesn’t matter if you're at the beach, a country house, the lake, Florida or Washington State, you can ALWAYS find somewhere to a to run. Running can burn approximately 600 calories per hour, if you can successfully finish 6 miles within this time. Besides being a great workout, it will put you in a great mood and distract you from any problems you’re having.


2.     Swimming: No better way to complete a workout than to swim, especially if you live in an area that does adhere to winter temperatures. According to experts, swimming is the perfect workout because despite getting you pretty tired, you never sweat as much as other sports, on account of being inside a body of water. Additionally, you workout almost every muscle of your body and burn approximately the same amount of calories as running.


3.     Hiking: This is the perfect workout to enjoy if you're in the mood of something different. When you hike, you mix different kinds of intensity levels because the ground is uneven. Thus you will need to make a greater effort when walking upwards. Grab a couple of friends to make this workout more enjoyable and bring a camera to capture the amazing scenery you’ll walk through.


4.     Rowing: It is necessary to take advantage of the bodies of water around you, if you can. Especially if you’re close to a lake or a pond where you can row. In this workout, you can strengthen your arms and abs, and can even burn around 500 calories per hour or more, if you make it pretty intense. It’s a fun and different workout that you definitely don't want to skip.