When Traveling and Politics Come Together

By Isabella Rolz

There are moments in life you wish you could rewind and enjoy every second, once again. This happened to me after attending the Organization of the Americas States (OAS) model in Washington DC. This is seminar that simulates how the various committees of the Organization of the American States work every day. The OAS, is the principal political forum of the Americas which promotes human rights, democracy and most importantly peace across the region. Thus, this involvement offered me a chance to gain experience in topics of international nature. 

Being part of the Integral Development Committee, I had the opportunity to present a resolution concerning the improvement of education in the rural areas of the Americas that would also decrease the gender inequality that persists in these regions. My academic institution had to represent the delegation of Argentina, likewise, I had to defend this country´s political vision throughout the conference. This was a challenge, due to the opposite political interests Guatemala and Argentina have. As a Guatemalan, used to living in a democratic yet conservative country, Argentina defends a very different political view. Fortunately, my resolution got approved and qualified as a great proposal to improve underdeveloped countries in the Americas. 

On the other hand, living this experience as a future politician from Guatemala, in the capital of the United States made this trip an unbelievable experience. Everywhere in the city the diplomatic innate culture is present and the jaw-dropping monuments resemble the most relevant historical events of the United States of America. 

One of our favorite spots to visit with my delegation was Georgetown. This unique college town is perfect for any student wishing to pursue a career in politics. Plus, while walking around town, one can take in all the distinct embassies in the surroundings. Every single one is particular and there are certain buildings with particular monuments on the outside like the embassy of Indonesia or France. 

Like the famous politician, Edmund Burke affirmed, “Those who do not know history, are doomed to repeat it.” Thus, an individual who remains detached to history is unable to understand the contemporary world, specifically, cities like Washington D.C. where past historical events can be relived throughout the capital monuments. As a politically minded woman with a passion for travelling I enjoyed every second of my experience as a participant of the OAS forum and as a tourist in a historical place too.