How One Organization is Helping Children in Yemen Cope with Violence

By Isabella Rolz

Children in Yemen are facing an immense catastrophe due to volatile armed conflicts. Boys and girls are growing up in the most impoverished country of the Middle East, with little access to education and development. Consequently, Save the Children is an organization that works to promote and protect children’s rights. 

All over time, these conflicts have impacted the lives of children. The developing conflicts have forced the closure of roughly 3,600 schools and suspended the education of approximately 1.8 million children. 

For this reason, Save the Children has been helping children cope with the violence in Yemen since 1963. This is the first international aid group with the mission to expand educational programs and protect children’s lives. 

Additionally, this organization recognizes that the youth in Yemen are growing up in the poorest country of the Arab area and that they are facing the reconstruction of education and other societal concerns. 

A new Save the Children’s note indicated that “even before the current crisis spiraled, Yemen was already the poorest and least developed country in the Middle East, but now thousands more children’s lives are at real risk as long as the fighting continues and the delivery of vital humanitarian aid and commercial supplies continues to be obstructed.” 

Save the Children is responding to the needs of the children in North, South and Centre of Yemen to focus on insecurity concern and malnutrition levels. They have provided over 35,000 households with food distributions to ensure that the vital nutritional needs of these families are met. In total, Save the Children has helped over 400,000 people in Yemen, and 220,000 of those individuals have been children. 

It is important to recall, that children in Yemen are accustomed to the terror of airstrikes and daily violent acts. For this reason, Save the Children, does not only focus on immediate humanitarian aid, but looks for long-term solutions that will create a bigger impact in the future of these children.