Dear Bullies: I am Sorry.

By Isabella Rolz

Bully. Such a simple word, yet the impact a bully has on an individual is indisputably life-changing. Both the concepts of bullying and victimization have had great impact in the last couple of years as bullying seems to have intensified. Most people believe that bullying only occurs in middle schools and high schools. This was not my case; I was bullied thoroughly during my first two years of college. Why? I am not sure what made these people so urged to harass my friend and me. Although, as a self-proclaimed victim I am convinced that their compulsion originated from their insecurity and cowardice. 

Yet, they helped impact the person I am today and for that I feel lead to write them a letter, so here it is: 

Dear bullies, 

I am aware how important popularity is to high schoolers. Nonetheless, in college, popularity is no more than a cliché. Hence trying to look for acceptance and approval within a group during college is absurd and pathetic. It is unfortunate that an insecure, coward person can choose to harm other people in order to fulfill his state of emptiness. I am sorry that you guys had to appeal to bullying in order to feel accepted and included in a meaningless cliqué that had no power outside the university campus. 

Naming me Gloria like the hippo from the famous children´s movie: Madagascar, might have been comical for a while. However, I was undeniably hurt by that nickname. My self-image was brutally distorted and I could not stand myself for a long time. I was controlled by a valueless nickname that was nothing but an absurd repercussion of your insecurity and lack of moral values. I rapidly decided to fix my defects and successfully lost all of the extra weight. Despite these efforts, I could not comprehend that I was not the problem. As a typical 19-year old college student with a couple of extra pounds, I was unaware of how superficial certain people are. Yet, this superficiality served as a cover up of your insecurities. 

Again, I am sorry that you all opted to find the worst way to entertain yourselves in order to feel accepted. However, nourishing your self-distrust from laughing at other people will only make you prominently inferior. No person has ever succeeded from mocking others in a disrespectful way. Nonetheless, college is supposed to be a place where every young adult during the span of your years starts finding who he really is. Subsequently, college bullies are immature people who are not prepared to experience life in college. 

I am grateful that I could finally understand that I was worth more than a meaningless nickname and the laughter of insignificant others. As an important subject in developmental studies, bullying has to vanish as much as possible, especially from a place where self-rule and independence is fostered; like a university campus. This was a life lesson that taught me to appreciate my self- worth and to ignore irrelevant comments made by others, so thank you. And again, I’m sorry.