7 Hottest Summer Trends for 2016

By Isabella Rolz

Summer is less than a month away. It is time to brace the latest fashion trends of 2016. 

For this reason, we’ve chosen 7 of the more fashionable trends you can’t miss this summer: 

1. Off The Shoulder Top: This trend is timeless. It instantly adds a sensual yet elegant touch. However, it is Summer that will emphasize the brightest colors, from a bold-white to a chic-yellow, an off the shoulder top can’t be missed. 

2. Ruffled Dresses and Blouses: 2016 is all about being dramatic, sensual and elegant. Designers this year reflected a dramatic-modern fairytale look, through fancy ruffles. This trend is found in any store, from Top shop to Warehouse. 

3. Chunky Sandals: Since Chanel amazed fashionistas this year with it’s trendy chunky sandals, other brands had no choice but to follow this super hot-trend. Burberry and Kenzo offer this modern trend and Aldo and Mango sell these kind of sandals at a more affordable price 

4. The Slip Dress: After the Givenchy Runway Show demonstrated the sexiness to wear underwear as outwear, this trend has been unstoppable since. Several brands such as Gap, Zara and Old Navy, have resembled the original trend. 

5. A Prairie Dress: This year is all about romance and modern drama. This trend started this Spring and good news girls: it will continue into the Summer. A floral dress is a must-have this season. 

6. The Denim Mini Skirt: A year ago, it was the super short denim shorts that were hot, now it is the very short and sensual denim skirt. This trend is a mixture of a 90’s vibe, with modernity and minimalism. 

7. Scalloped Hem Bikini: This trend can be described with two words: simplicity and modernity. Both the top and the bottom piece, can be found in most stores and as fashion experts suggest, if you really want to resemble the trend, get a black scalloped hem bikini.