5 Cheap Places to Vacation This Summer

By Isabella Rolz

Summer is around the corner, and of course, any woman loves to vacation. For this reason, we prepared a list of the most affordable yet fun places to travel this summer. These unforgettable getaways range from beaches to big cities to national parks. 

1. Maui: At first, it doesn't sound like a cheap destination. But good news ladies, this year airplane tickets to Hawaii dropped, starting from around $350, if you can find a very good deal. Officials from Maui announced the whole state of Hawaii is deeply interested in increasing its tourism, and they are doing this by dropping ticket prices. You don't want to miss a chance to experience its awe-inspiring scenery. 

2. Yellowstone: Suggested by U.S News, “with dramatic peaks and pristine lakes, Yellowstone is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise. Multicolored pools swirl around hot springs; verdant forests weave past expansive meadows; and volatile geysers launch streams of steaming water toward the sky.” The park is extraordinary, and the best part: it’s only $12 for visitors ages 16 and older! 

3. Grand Canyon: This once in a lifetime experience is beyond breathtaking. Measuring approximately 227 miles in length, and 18 miles in width, the Grand Canyon has turned Arizona into one of the most visited States in the South. Additionally, there are countless trips per day helping tourists guide themselves around this natural wonder, and some even take you to the Colorado River downwards from the canyon. This attraction is pretty cheap as well and there are a lot of transportation options if you’re looking to avoid paying for a parking spot. 

This once in a lifetime experience is beyond breathtaking.

4. Washington D.C: This city is most known for being the place to learn about politics and American history. Well, this is correct, but D.C has much more to offer as well. Beginning in spring, this city, filled with marbled monuments, gets surrounded by the most perfect flowers, which give this place a unique touch. Obviously, no tourist can leave without visiting the most important museums and political places. To make your trip more affordable, it is suggested to book a hotel outside of the city, in the neighborhoods around it. 

5. Boston: “Is not only a hub for baseball, brownstones and bookish collegiate types. It's also home to America's first large free municipal public library, the first subway system, the first public school and the first public park,” said U.S News. Boston is the perfect combination of an astonishing city full of historic monuments and places, with a touch of a broad community of intellectuals from the most prestigious universities of the country. Without a doubt, no person can leave this town without visiting Harvard University or Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Because the majority of the worth-visiting attractions in Boston are free, this makes this city one of the most affordable and fun places to travel to this summer