A Perfect Summer Road Trip Throughout California

By Isabella Rolz

It’s time to forget any schoolwork, job related projects or any other daily activity you normally do, because summer has just arrived, and yes ladies, that means it’s time to start planning the perfect road trip. There are magical landscapes all around the United States, but California has it all. From huge metropolis to beautiful natural parks, this is the place to begin a different travel journey.

Stop 1: San Francisco. For one reason or another it is called “The City by the Bay.” This exquisite place is one of the most visited cities in the West Coast. Rent a bicycle and explore the Golden Bridge and its surroundings. You can even park your bike nearby and explore all the museums this city has to offer, plus the famous Fisherman’s Wharf. Spend all of your afternoon shopping and trying all the delicious food at the fancy restaurants.

Stop 2: Point Reyes. A paradise just 34 miles away from San Francisco, where the magical spot offers all the opposite attractions of San Francisco. Start by hiking and exploring the wilderness, be sure to search for the famous lighthouse. Continue your day by kayaking and checking out nearby seafood restaurants. Spend the night at Cottages at Point Reyes Seashore, one of the best rated hotels in northern California.

Stop 3: Mendocino, or what most tourists like to call the most romantic seashore of the North Coast. It is the perfect combination of peaceful seashores and thick forests. It is quite an empty town; no more than 1,000 individuals live in this small town, making it one of the most remote places in Northern California. However, the majority of its residents are artists who usually paint outside and visitors can admire their work, while travelling through this artsy little town.

Stop 4: Eureka, a Victorian inspired city, but with a mystical seashore surrounding it. This is the largest coastal city in between San Francisco and Portland, Oregon. It attracts thousands of tourists per year for its unique combination of history and seashore. The Old Town boasts streets full of fancy restaurants, galleries and small unique bars.  

Stop 5: Redwoods State Park. No better way to end a road trip, than a day spent in the wilderness, and a night spent starring at the clear sky. This State Park is in Humbolt County, and it offers very different views than the city of Eureka. Redwoods State Park has miles of forests, swimming spots, hiking and resting areas that tourists can enjoy during the day. It is the perfect opportunity to swim, hike, explore, go fishing and camping all at one location.