The Best Swimsuits for Your Body Type

By Isabella Rolz

We’re well into Summer, which means it’s time to ditch your trench coats and replace ‘em with jaw-dropping bikinis. So why not show off your assets with THE perfect swimsuit for you. We know every woman faces fear and annoyance when trying on swimwear. That’s why we’ve compiled a list to help make your search easier for you! 

1. Athletic: Women with an athletic body type should concentrate on finding beautiful bikinis with feminine touches. Your bikinis should show off your muscular legs and fit booty. The upper piece of the bikini should have extravagant details to soften your chest area. You should avoid bandeaus, boy-cut briefs and shapeless tanks.

2. Small Bust: There are two options for this kind of body. You can fake some curves or take advantage of your straight figure and wear a super awesome bikini. If you want to fake some curves, opt for ruffles or padding. Otherwise, flaunt your straight physique in an itty-bitty bikini.

3. Large Bust & Curvy: If you’re curvy, your swimsuit choice should be all about embracing your assets. Your hourglass figure has to be complemented with a swimsuit that accentuates your curves perfectly. Choose the simplest colors. By keeping it simple, you bring attention to what’s worth it: your assets. Because you have a big bust, you should look for upper pieces with strong support, underwire and molded cups. Again, avoid ruffles or any designs and opt for the simplest colors.

 4. Pear Shaped: If you’re lower half is a little larger, it's all about the balance.  You want to focus on bringing more attention to the upper part of your body. By choosing bikini tops with original designs, you’re going to accomplish your goal. For the bottom part, avoid getting boy shorts or a thick- banded bottom. Look instead for a clean-skirted bottom that will be the perfect coverage for your sexy bootay!

 5. Apple Shaped: We all know about this, common. Most women gain the most weight around our stomach, unfortunately creating a tummy. However, that great news is that major brands like Spanx or Everything but Water, have designed a swimsuit, which slims the waist and smoothly covers your middle part. Try choosing swimsuits with designs near the bust, to distract the abdomen area.