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Hillary Clinton, More Than Just a Political Figure

By Isabella Rolz

In light of the upcoming presidential elections, and despite any political preferences or dislikes, Hillary Clinton is without a doubt a female figure to admire. As a woman, she’s been through a lot and she’s stood up like a warrior after every one of her falls.

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton was born in 1947 in Chicago. From a young age, Hillary has always been very passionate and she’s always had a great interest in politics and law. In 1973, she graduated from the law school of Yale University, one of the best academic institutions in the nation.

In 2001, Clinton became the first American First Lady to occupy a public office seat when elected to the U.S Senate. And 15 years later, she became the first woman in the history of the United States to become the presidential nominee of one of the two most important political parties.

Clinton is said to be both a great mother and a wife that has taught her family that women are perfectly capable to occupy the same positions as men. Bottom line, she can perfectly fit into the description of the empowered woman.

Clinton is said to be both a great mother and a wife that has taught her family that women are perfectly capable to occupy the same positions as men.


Despite all of her political success, let’s not forget the following remarkable events that definitely changed her life and political career forever.

Lewinsky Scandal: In 1998, 52-year-old Bill Clinton got engaged in an improper sexual relationship, with 22-year-old Monica Lewinsky. This infamous occurrence altered American politics, and became the source of inspiration for one of the most watched T.V shows of all times: House of Cards. The scandal made Hillary a strong woman, with power to overcome any possible obstacle.

This was a scandal, which lasted for years, ended with the involvement of several White House employees and generated lots of controversy worldwide. But, Hillary Clinton decided to stay married and forgive former president, Bill Clinton.

Chelsea Victoria Scandal: Being the daughter of Hillary and Bill Clinton is no easy task. Chelsea was always interested in being one of the best students among her classmates and this attitude eventually got her into Oxford University, one of the best schools in the United Kingdom. As she was studying there, Chelsea Victoria had to deal with Clinton haters and lots of drama against her native country, especially after 9/11 occurred. But Hillary Clinton supported her daughter throughout her years of education and did not let her give up.

These two occurrences and many more, have demonstrated that Hillary Clinton despite being a political figure, is a woman who would go through great lengths to empower her family and I certainly believe she’ll be able to empower our nation.