4 Easy Workouts You Can Do Without Leaving the House

By Manuela Domingos

We all know the familiar struggle of keeping up with a tight work-out schedule. Often times, a conflict in schedule inhibits the 30-minute workout session at the gym. Rushing in the morning to school or work leaves us with no time to exercise. Often times, pure laziness and procrastination prevents us from reaching our body goals. For starters, the gym may be an intimidating place, where seemingly everyone is in shape and “knows” what they’re doing.

Well, there’s good news. And, it’s feasible, free, and timely. I’ve compiled a list of four workout routines that can be done without leaving your home and without using equipment. The best part about it? Well, it’s right under your nose in an arm’s reach.


1.      Stairs. If you live in a house that’s at least two stories, you’re in luck. Using stairs for a perfect exercise routine is the best place to start. Practice going up and down however many flights of stairs you may have. Begin at a slower pace, then build up. Kick your legs back for a higher intensity workout, adding pressure to your glutes, calf muscles, and thighs. Think of this exercise routine as that crazy StairMaster at the gym, except your body is actually physically moving.

2.      Bathroom Countertop. Brushing your teeth before you go to bed? Well, this is the perfect time to sneak in a little work on those glutes and thighs. Kick your legs backwards or sideways, or even both through alternation. Prop your free hand on top of the bathroom countertop and make sure your posture is straight. Use the duration of brushing your teeth as a personal timer until finished. This simple exercise could also be done using your kitchen countertop.

3.      Bed. Often times people use wrestling mats at the gym to stretch before a workout. If are just waking up, your bed is a great place to stretch. Get creative with it. Your bed is your safe haven. Lay down star-fish style and allow the blood to circulate throughout your body. Stretch out those fingers. Lift those legs, keep them at a 90-degree angle and slowly lower them down. Position yourself in a way where your thigh muscles are being stretched out. Take deep breaths, control your breathing. Get creative here. There’s so many ways you can warm up.

4.      Your Backyard. Ditch the yoga studio and use your backyard for a yoga session. If you have a yoga mat, bring it outdoors and lay it down at a spot that is clean and comfortable for you. Depending on certain yoga poses, some might require balance and trying this on grass might be tricky. Accommodate to your surroundings, pay attention to your breathing, and use the outdoors as the perfect place to be in touch with nature. Early morning yoga sessions are peak times for a session in the backyard. Listen to the birds and feel the wind on your skin. Enjoy the moment free of any distractions.