What I’ve Learned from My Dad & Grandpa


The majority of families in the United States celebrate Father’s Day to commemorate a special male figure in their families; either a father, grandfather, brother or husband. In my case, I want to dedicate this article to my dad and grandpa. These two individuals, have been tremendously influential throughout my life, especially since I started college. They’ve helped me make life-changing decisions, without them even knowing about it.

My father was born in California, where my grandpa used to work as an exchange professor at UC Berkeley. Whilethere, my dad learned the demands of a high level academic institution and discovered the way students behaved within that atmosphere, and that definitely reflected later on, when he expected the same from my sister and me. My father taught us that education was one of the most important elements in life. “Education is a door opener,” he always repeats. And it was not until I turned 20 that I realized what he said over and over again was completely true.

I’ve also learned from my dad to work hard in order to be successful. He currently owns a cereal company operating throughout Guatemala and certain parts of Central America. He’s a workaholic, but a good type of work junkie. Growing up with a male figure that has always been very passionate about his work life has definitely influenced my academic and intellectual development. I’ve adopted his lifestyle by working passionately for what I want and looking for the best opportunities that will help me achieve my goals.

On the other hand, my grandfather now dedicates his weekdays to scientific research. He’s currently working on a project to reduce contamination in underdeveloped countries. My grandpa has not only taught me that excellence is an attitude, but that one’s future is limitless if one works with effort and passion.

Overall, both have coached me in countless ways they would never imagine. From both, I’ve witnessed that things that are worth it take time and require tremendous amounts of effort. I appreciate every word they’ve said to me, and look forward to getting lunch with them today. Happy Father’s Day dad and grandpa!