4 Tips that Will Make Your Job Hunt Less Miserable

By Isabella Rolz

It happens to most young adults. Right after graduating college, one finds himself orherself in this particular circumstance: one moment you’re a very successful person who has completed a university degree, and the next moment you’re a very unemployed human being with no clue on how to deal with adulthood.

Unemployment is a situation that can lead to anxiety and depression. However, to forget about the jobless status, a recent college graduate should always take in consideration that when one door closes, another opens. If one is willing to find the appropriate job, it’ll show up. It’s only matter of time.


1.    Don’t stress out. When beginning your job-search, avoid stress. Breathe and take action! Job hunting can sometimes get pretty stressful. Thus, to boost your confidence that you're going to succeed and find the ideal job, you’ll need to liberate yourself and RELAX.

 Probably staying at home isn’t the best idea because it’s just going to remind you that you're now on your own and not in college anymore. So go to busier places like a coffee shop, a library or even meet up at a restaurant with a friend, because job hunting is a full-time pursuit.

2.    Set goals. By making it sort of a challenge, you’ll be more organized and consequently less stressed. Grab a notebook and a pen and make an agenda on what you’ll focus on each day. For example, from Monday through Wednesday, I’ll concentrate on looking at job-search engines. Then I’ll decide which positions are of most and from Thursday to the end of the week, I’ll work on sending individual cover letters and my completed resume.

3.    Exercise. Sounds a like a joke, but it’s not. Working out is probably one of the best things to do when getting too stressed out from making such important decisions like applying for your first full-time job. Shut down your computer, finish your coffee and go for a run. This is the best way to liberate any kind of stress and to distract yourself from any situation. According to researchers, a 30- minute run a day will make you focus more on your daily tasks.


4.    Don’t lose hope. Everyone, again, EVERYONE, gets rejected somehow, someday. It’s okay if you don't hear back from a company after sending a job application. It’s okay if a company rejects you. You’ll be fine. You’ll get the ideal job if you don’t give up.

Remember companies are looking for the ideal applicant, whose interests, experiences and skills match their interests. Sometimes, we’ll be the perfect fit for some job offers, and sometime we won’t. But don’t lose hope!