How Reality T.V. Shows Are Ruining Millennials


By Isabella Rolz

Reality television programming has become a prevalent element of popular culture. The proliferation of this sort of programming has in various ways affected the intellect of millennials. Such T.V. genre is considered a mindless and pathetic entertainment, which is not only fostering erroneous habits, but is conquering a lot of television channels; by replacing worthy programs with its ridiculous transmissions.

Television is a concurrent factor that emerged from globalization, a positive development that created a new kind of social interdependence and facilitated communication. Hence, it cannot be ruined by amoral transmissions, that do nothing more than deconstruct the original intensions of television.

The following analysis is a critic on the reality shows which are produced without an educational objective. Considering, there are reality television shows with an educational foundation, which can range from: increasing medical knowledge to exploring the world.

Furthermore, a reality T.V. show with a lack of ethical and academic groundwork is one with the sole purpose to produce money without a scholarly intention. Within this framework, among the most popular, the following can be named: Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Bachelor, The Real Housewives, Jersey Shore, Flavor Of Love, The Hills, etc.

Below, I suggest five consequences that have emerged since the boost of these reality T.V. shows:

  1. An excess of narcissism: Every single character that appears in the reality shows mentioned previously is somewhat obsessed with themselves in a very pathetic way. In most episodes, the plot of the show revolves on the meaningless preoccupation of a character with relation to his physique or his personal life. We´ve seen the crew of Jersey Shore compete with each other in clubs fighting for the most attractive guy or girl. And a million times, we’ve Kim Kardashian cry about the most deplorable situations. Whether it´s about her being called the least well-dressed or her ashamed about Kylie´s gigantic lips.
  2. Voyeurism: This term is of French origin and means the interest of watching people engaged in sexual behaviors. This concept often refers to the observers that enjoy watching these intimate actions happen, through a photograph or in this case, a T.V. show. I believe, that all of the reality T.V shows mentioned above have showed an intimate scene that somehow makes viewers even more obsessed with the program.
  3. An obsession with material objects: It is certainly true, that every individual has interests and likes in relation to material things. Nonetheless, there is a fine line between being measured towards attaining these items and being so obsessed with them that your whole life depends on the consumption and acquisition of these objects. It is terribly wrong that both the Real Housewives and the Kardashians cannot live without having material stuff surround them.
  4. Lack of moral values: Every single episode shows a range of reasons why the morale was left in oblivion when producing these happenings. Instead, there is a common repetition of behaviors such as: self-hatred, self-destruction, hypocrisy, distrust, wickedness and many other characteristics that encircle the plot. There is not a single episode of The Bachelor that does not show self- destruction between the contestants, and the same happens often in other T.V shows.
  5. Bad competition: It is okay, to be ambitious and to feel the desire to compete with other individuals. However, it is wrong to compete about everything, and worse around superficial things. Majority of the competition seen in these reality shows are not positive; on the contrary, it fosters viewers to battle about the most irrelevant and senseless subjects. There is no need for the Kardashian sisters to challenge themselves on who has the better body or hotter boyfriend, nor the necessity of the Hills cast to ridicule each other in order to feel superior. Every competition shown is nonsense.

In conclusion, the television is a development that has facilitated the communication between individuals all over the globe. It is our duty, to maintain this status quo alive and not diminish it by popularizing this type of reality shows. It is up to us, millennials, to keep these shows from growing into an even more, intense phenomena.