Three Reasons Why You Should Spend a Weekend in Baños, Ecuador

By Rachel McLeod

The first weekend trip I took with friends while in Ecuador was to Baños. Baños is one of the more touristy places in the country, and with good reason. If you're adventurous then this is definitely the place for you. From paragliding, to white water rafting, horseback riding or canyoning, the city has something for everyone.

When we went we got lucky because we stayed at the Santa Cruz Backpacker Hostel, which was right across the street from the tour company I found. They were very accommodating and helped us book everything, even allowing several last minute changes.

The Edge of the World

One of the very first things we did was the very famous Swing off of the Edge of the World. And it was exactly what it sounds like. At the top of a mountain is a tree house with two swings that take you right over the edge. If you go on a clear enough day, the active Tungurahua volcano can be seen clearly from where you are swinging.


Zip Lining in Baños

The next day, our group went zip lining. This was my first time zip lining and it was a great place to start. The lines were all different heights and lengths, with a few lengthy hikes between. But the views were well worth how out of breath we got going from line to line. And they were all different. Sometimes we'd be flying through or over trees, but at one point we went over a canyon with a river at the bottom. Every line was thrilling with an amazing view. 



The Nightlife in Baños

As we are a group of University students, we had to check out the nightlife. Baños may be very small, but they know their crowd very well. The clubs here were by far some of the most fun that we'd been to so far. The music was great and all the people were so nice and friendly. And to make it even better, the clubs were only a few blocks from our hostel, saving us from having to catch a taxi.

Baños is a must-do for anyone traveling to Ecuador. It's small, but fun and very safe. There are activities for young and old people, adventurous or not. Overall this little city is the perfect package.

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