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It’s Ok to Hate Your Kids Activities

By Jeanette Ambers

No really, I am serious!

Shuttling kids back & forth to do all their activities, spending hundreds of dollars, not having any free time to yourself, and simply only catering to them?

This can all exhaust us, parents. 

I have literally been going 100 mph the last couple weeks. My brain, my energy is fried and at this point I hate extracurricular activities! Between my 3 kids, I am gone almost every night of the week, including Saturdays and some Sundays.

Managing work, kids and the dog; cleaning house, running errands, and volunteering? It’s like the never ending story. 
Yes, I love to put my kids in all these activities. Yes, I love what they do, and I will continue to do it for them if it makes them happy.

I do love staying busy all the time, and creating memories. But, I don't have to like it. In fact, I can hate if I want to. After all I am only 1 person. 

I think as parents we try to give our kids everything and we are supposed to be some kind of jolly, while we smile and watch our kids grow.

But, let’s not kid ourselves. That jolly smile only disguises days of frustration, sleepless nights, slipping bank accounts, poor hygiene (because you know you may not have showered or washed your hair in days) and many other situations forfeited for these games, performances and events your children must attend.

Naturally, at this state, we are burned out! 

Never mind the judgement from every person in the block who is not in your situation. I've heard it countless times: "Enjoy It," "They work so hard," "Praise them."

Are you kidding they only work that hard because I'm the one holding their hand to do it. I am the driving force behind that hard work. 

So where is my reward?

Don't tell me it is watching them perform at their best. I've seen them countless times at their best at every other performance or game or practice for that matter. They’re great performance is for others. I’ve seen it all already.

Oh, and then I will hear, "Well why don't you let go of some of those activities." Well as I have stated before, I love to make them happy and I love to keep them busy. Much better than them being home playing video games and such. You try raising kids in this era! 

So yes after all that, I do absolutely hate my kids' activities. Not them, the activities!
And once we have all had a break, I will be first one to say that we are more than happy and ready to hop back into it again. I do love to see my kids in the spotlight, I won't lie!

Call me crazy if you want to, but you see I don't always hate these extracurricular activities.  

Not always, just sometimes.


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