You Are An Heiress and Here’s Why

By Jecenia Jackson


I am an heiress.

First things first, what exactly is an heiress? According to the Oxford dictionary, an heiress is a woman inheriting and continuing the legacy of a predecessor. 

So to put it into perspective, let’s say there is a King & a Queen of an empire. They have children and because of their status and hierarchy, their children will become heirs one day receiving all of the King & Queen’s inheritance when the time permits.

Welp, hello! That’s me! Because my daddy is a KING, I am automatically an heiress recipient of His riches & glory.

No, I’m not conceited nor do I think of myself as higher or better than any other woman walking this earth. I’m flawed beyond measure when it comes to both the little things in life, as well as the big things.

I’m probably the most clumsiest person you’ll ever meet. I spill things. I break things. I trip over things. I can be really awkward at times. I don’t always get straight A’s in school. I’m guilty of catching attitudes. My hair doesn’t always lay the way I want it to and to be completely honest, I could probably chill on the french fries and ice cream & hit the gym more often. Trust me, the list of imperfections goes on and on.

However, through all of my flaws, both natural & spiritual (because I could pray & read my bible a lot more consistently as well), I know who I am and most importantly, whose I am.

See it’s all about truth and identity. Romans 8:17-18 says, “And since we are his children, we are his heirs. In fact, together with Christ we are heirs of God’s glory. But if we are to share his glory, we must also share his suffering. Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory he will reveal to us later.”

Because we are in Christ, we have the privilege of relating with the Father, just as Jesus does. Now, that’s enough to drop the mic right there. Thank you Jesus!

Being a child of God also means we have an inheritance. In Luke 18:18, the rich young ruler asked Jesus, “What must I do to inherit?” But the young ruler missed the entire point because inheritance is not a matter of doing it is a matter of being – being in the right family. We have to know as children of God, who’s family we are in.

However, it’s important for us to also understand the full content of this scripture and not just pick and choose what we want to hear. Yes, we are heirs and heiress’ with Christ but let’s not forget the suffering that is promised to come with it.

Because we are in Christ, we are also called to share in His suffering. Just because we are God’s children does not mean we are exempt or immune from suffering.  In fact, most times as believers, we experience the most heartache, loneliness, pain, hurt and suffering.

Jesus did and if we are called to be like Jesus, so shall we. The suffering we experience may not always feel good or always seem fair to us but let’s not forget the day in Luke 22 when Jesus pleaded with God to please take His cup from Him.

What was the cup? The cup was the suffering He’d have to endure for saving us from sin. It didn’t seem fair to Him either. But still, He knew what the outcome would be and He wanted God’s will to be done. No matter what we go through, we should always want the same.

Plus, when we endure the suffering, we get to reap the benefits of the inheritance God promised us from the beginning.  In fact, our sharing in present suffering is a condition of our future glorification.

As far as God is concerned, it is all part of the same package of sonship, no matter how much our flesh may want to have the inheritance and the glory without the suffering.

Notice how in verse 18, the apostle Paul points out that our current suffering and the future glory cannot compare. No, Paul was not ignorant or blind to the sufferings we as believers have; as a matter of fact, he probably experienced more of them than most of any of us today.

Yet, he still considered that the future glory far outweighed our present sufferings. Through that, he expresses how living life in the Spirit enables us to understand and endure suffering for what’s to come; the glory of God revealed in us.

If you know who you belong to, it’s a lot easier to find out who you really are and a lot harder for anyone else to convince you of anything different. So, next time somebody asks you who you think you are, you adjust your crown and tell them, “I know I’m an heiress, a daughter of the King, child of the Most High!”

Prayer: Father God, I thank you for that in itself, for being our father. I thank you for every daughter (or son) that You have lead to read this post today and I pray our identity in Christ becomes more and more evident everyday. Help us to remember that suffering is promised to us just as it was to Christ but also that our suffering cannot compare to the glory You promised to reveal as well. Use me in this blog the way You please and touch the lives of every person that comes across it in the name of Jesus, I pray Amen.

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