15 Things About Life I Wish I Knew Sooner

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     By Jaunyce Priester

By Jaunyce Priester

1. I Don't Have to Have It All Figured Out

Sometimes you won’t have the answer, and that is ok. Give yourself the grace in your not knowing and the patience to figure it out. 

2. Your Life is Unique and So is Your Path

It’s super tempting to compare your journey to others. Watching others live their lives and achieve their dreams will never be an effective means of finding the motivation to do so in your own life.

Understand that your story is your own. Celebrate the success of others while celebrating the wins in your life, no matter how small they may seem.

3. Feelings Shouldn’t Determine Final Decisions

Your feelings are valid. They are your hearts way of communicating what it is going on in there. Despite their validity and what they are communicating, it is unwise to make final decisions based off of them.

Your feelings may not always communicate truth. Instead, they may just be revealing an area of your heart that is disconnected from unconditional love, which can only be found in Jesus. Wait until you’ve reconnected with Jesus before making any big decisions. 

4. Some Friends Aren't Forever

There are people in your life now that won’t be there forever. That is ok. Losing some of them will be a natural case of growing apart. Losing others will be more painful.

Just because you may lose them, does not mean loving them now is wrong or silly. Don’t sacrifice the gift of your friendship today on the altar of tomorrow. For every friend that goes, there will be another one that comes. It’s natural, and it is ok. 

5. It's Ok to Change Your Mind

What you like. How you see the world. What you wear. What you like to eat. All of those things will change as you grow and discover who you are. There’s nothing wrong with that.

There are things about you that will remain consistent, and there are other things about you that will evolve.

6. You Are Still Learning Who You Are

Speaking of discovering who you are, this is a journey. At 25, I am still learning things about myself. You are not going to know everything about yourself at 18, 20, or even 25.

Learning who you are happens as you do life with Jesus. The more you are His, the more you are you. As you do life with Him, experiences and relationships draw you out of you. Jesus has an amazing way of using everything to do that.

7. It's Ok to Go Back Home

After you move out, you may hit a bump in the road. If you need some time to get back on your feet, know that going back home is not a bad thing. You have not failed, you have experienced life. And some of life’s experiences lead us back home for a little while. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

8. Your Initial Plan May Not Be the Final Plan

When you first started this life journey, you had plans and goals set in place to achieve your dreams. Sometimes those plans change. Sometimes you’ll have to call an audible, rework the cast, or substitute ideas.

Don’t get stuck on the idea that things must unfold one way, allow your life the flexibility and grace to see things unfold differently. 

10. This Isn't a Race

There is no rush to achieve your dreams, to become yourself, or to check goals off your list. Take your time. The fate of the world is not hinged on how quickly you get through life. Give yourself the grace to take it one moment at a time. 

11. Mom and Dad Won't Always Agree

You are an adult now, so you will make decisions that mom and dad won’t always agree with. That’s hard, because for most of your life you have had to make decisions based on their opinion. They were raising you, so that is sort of how it goes.

You’re not wrong if you make a decision they don’t agree with. And to be honest, sometimes they aren’t wrong either. It doesn’t always boil down to right or wrong. Sometimes, you just realize that you all see the world from different lenses.

12. Somedays It’s Really Hard

Somedays, you will just want to stay under the covers and cry. Somedays, you won’t want to adult. Those days don’t mean your life is terrible, they don’t mean you are failing. They simply mean life is happening, and sometimes life happens in ways we don’t like or know how to deal with.

On those days, ask your heart what’s going on and take some extra time to surround yourself with people and things you love. On those days, let Jesus know you need an extra dose of love. On those days, know you are still amazing. 

14. Your Heart is So Very Precious

It’s easy to give your heart away when you don’t recognize it’s value. I can’t express to you how so very precious your heart is to God and those who love you. That is something you must realize on your own. Ask Jesus to show you just how precious it is, so you can walk in that. 

15. There is Nothing in Your Life That Jesus Can’t Work Out for Your Good

You will experience painful things as you go about life. It will suck and you will wish it didn’t happen. I promise you that God doesn’t waste any pain.

He never causes it, but He always uses it for your good. So allow Him into every place in your heart. The good, bad, and the ugly. He will work it all out, all of it! For your good, and His glory. 


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