4 Things You Should Do this Holiday Season for Emotional Warmth

By Keisha Apklin Davis 

With the winter approaching, I can’t help but think about how it effects one’s emotional well-being.

The days gets shorter, the nights get longer, colder and everything becomes routine. You become attached to those gloomy feelings typically buried under wraps in the summer.

I find that winter can generally put us all in a rut. It seems as if we just go to work, rush back to the comfort of our homes, eat and sit on the couch, watching television until it’s time to go to bed. Then we get up and do it all over again the next day.

It can be a pain. In the winter, those dark times bring up dark feelings, lack of motivation and I often find myself thinking about what I would, could or should be doing with my entire life. 

I daydream about wanderlust, having a nice drink in sun exposure, thinking about my goals and dreams or where I will be in the next five years. I daydream until I overthink myself into this oppressive mood because I’m not in that position at the exact moment. 

I then wonder is it just me? Do you start to feel stuck and lethargic in the winter?

So far, I’ve asked 10 people. Eight out of the 10 people I’ve asked, said they’ve felt a mild depression around the colder months.

Nevertheless, I believe our ability to change the way we think is based on our decisions and the actions we choose to take. Luckily, I’m learning there’s a lot we all can do to prevent the winter blues from hitting us hard this year. 

Do Yoga

Yoga is therapeutic and it connects fairly with my spiritual well-being. With the chill air approaching, it’s necessary to unthaw those bones by stretching, increasing flexibility and adding warmth to your body, which means sweating to clean body toxins.

Yoga has inspired me to stay connected and be present. It also encourages you to find the light within yourself and keep shining through those dark winter nights. 


Journaling has always been my therapy. I like to at least write every other day, the good, bad and the ugly. I love the feeling of physically writing down my thoughts, being vulnerable and completely honest about my feelings helps me a lot.

Writing can help boost light within and aid emotional healing, especially around this time when we tend to overthink our lives and shut down. Write about your dreams, your life purpose, good days, bad days, and the things that bring you gratitude. Don’t worry about neatness and grammar, just let your pen flow. Speak from the bottom of your heart and keep yourself covered in self-love and warmth this winter season. 

Get in the Holiday Spirit! 

The holidays are right around the corner, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the New Year!

Remember being a kid and having that joyous heart and excitement about Christmas? Let’s tap into those feelings again. When you start to look forward to something fun and prepare for it, good feelings will follow. Anticipating seeing our family and friends, gathering around good food, drinks, football, love and games; or however you spend your holiday, puts us in a good mood. It’s easy for positive emotions to build and grow, that’s why the holidays is an amazing time of the year to get us out the dumps. 

Revamp your House

Around this time of the year, I try to bring extra lighting inside my apartment since day light is not as bright as it used to be. I love soft, warm lights that makes the place feel cozy. Also, try having light cinnamon and apple scents that are warm and inviting after a long day of work.

Winter is all about coziness, so add some soft throws and fluffy blankets to add warmth and comfort to your bedroom and living room where you can relax, drink hot chocolate and curl up with a nice book or movie. 

I hope some of these methods become helpful for you or anyone else you may know. While most suggestions may not work for everyone, it’s a start.

Although we have no control of the weather, let us all prepare for cold, gloomy dark days. Let’s aim to keep our mind, body and spirit present with warmth & joy in our hearts and peace in our lives. 

Nature is Love.

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