Should You Buy e.l.f Brushes? My Thoughts on e.l.f. Brushes One Year Later

By Jeanette Ambers

Let’s talk about e.l.f. makeup brushes. I have had them for a year now. I was not particularly drawn to this brand as I had thought it was too cheap to be any good! 
But then, I kept hearing about how great they were. Reviews claimed the application process was no different. And plus, they are made cruelty-free & vegan. So, I finally decided to pick up a few, since they were only $2- $3.

My Initial Thoughts on the Brushes & My Review One Year Later

CONCEALER BRUSH - This brush was good for small areas but not so much around the eye. I found that I still had to blend with a beauty blender or my finger to get rid of the streaky-ness. But any other area of the face was great.

One year later: I have found myself not using it much.

EYESHADOW "C" BRUSH - This brush is nice and thick. Holds a good amount of product and places it exactly where I want it. Great for a bold eye. Does not go all over the place.

One year later: I still love it, holds enough color for both eyes.

CONTOUR BRUSH - Awesome! Also very thick for an intense eye color. I use it for the crease color of the eyes for dark shades and I use it to contour the sides of my nose. Probably one of my favorites! My main go-to brushes.

One year later: I don't use this brush as much as I used to on the eyes but I still use it to contour my nose.

WHITE HANDLE FOUNDATION BRUSH Just OK. I use it just for my Color Corrector Creams but honestly prefer my MAC foundation brush over this one. I am disappointed that the brush head seems to be coming loose already.

One year later: This brush has not fallen apart yet despite the loose head. But, I still only use sparingly for primer, color corrector creams and other similar products.

SMALL STIPPLE BRUSH - LOVE LOVE LOVE! My absolute favorite brush out of them all. Spreads product evenly and it is super soft. I can use it with any type of foundation and it works great. Now one of my "go-to" brushes.

One year later: This brush it still my main man! I use it almost every day

ANGLED BLUSH BRUSH - Another LOVE of mine. Soft, spreads product where I want it to, and sticks there. The angle lays perfect against the cheekbones!

One year later: Another one that I still use every day! Holds enough product for both sides of the face. Light application, not heavy.

Overall, after initially opening the brushes, I loved how soft they were. I even appreciated the packaging instructions, which was such a great reference point for even the newest makeup person.
They have not irritated my face at all, and the plush softness of the brushes is much better than the bareMinerals brushes I have!

I recommend them as a starter set, if you are just starting out on a collection. Even if you are a pro, they are great as a backup! e.l.f. can often get underestimated – I definitely underestimated it. But, I am always so surprised at how well they actually work and I just love that they are all-Vegan!

After a year, I am still very pleased with the brushes. I would still recommend them. Just watch out for the cheaper, white handle brushes and pay attention to the brush heads. However, the price alone is a no-brainer! Get on that ladies!


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