3 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence While on The Job Hunt


By Manuela Domingos

A lot of us may take our social media presence for granted. You’d be surprised at how much your online presence can dictate your professional and social life.

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Unsurprisingly, however, a lot of professionals are taking to the internet to “snoop” on potential employees. Here are a few things to remember when you’re looking for jobs and know that a potential employer might be checking out your social media feed.

Keep your social media accounts private. First things first, I’d suggest that you keep your accounts private. This prevents any potential online fraud accounts from being created under your name, and it makes it harder for potential employers to view your account. Even though, you shouldn’t have anything to hide. Also, be wary of who you accept online. Avoid sketchy spam accounts, especially inappropriate sites. If you’re trying to work for a professional establishment, you probably don’t want to be accepting friend requests from playboy accounts.

Don’t post anything you wouldn’t want anyone to see. If you know you’re going to have way too much of a fun night, avoid posting those “hasty” pictures online. Although you can always go back and actively delete a post, remember that not everything is always completely erased from the internet. In an age of rapid “screenshotting,” as we have seen with celebrities, anything can technically still be online.

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Do a little online laundry. If you’re in the process of actively looking for jobs, going to interviews and submitting applications, make sure you do a little online laundry regularly. You may have posted a comment under a picture that was submitted last year when you weren’t necessarily looking for jobs at that time. Go through your feed and actively delete anything you wouldn’t want someone else to see.

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