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Police Brutality and The Role of The Media

Over several decades, we have seen how America has a long and continuous history of racial profiling and police brutality. I recently finished reading the outstanding and critically-acclaimed novel by Angie Stone, the Hate you give. The novel centers a young black girl named Starr who lives in a poor neighborhood while attends a predominantly white school where she tries not to be the stereotypical black girl. 

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Why “Untitled Relationships” May Be Hindering You from Finding the Right Person

I recall a period of time before reaching my early twenties when my friends and I made a conscious decision to not try to get into a “serious” relationship.  My best friend vowed that she only wanted casual flings, and nothing but casual flings. It was the age of “talking” which to be honest, I’ve always had mixed feelings about. More so confused, since the phrase seemingly had too many meanings. 

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You Gave Up on Your Dreams & You Don’t Even Realize It

When I was a young girl, you could always find me somewhere with a box of Crayola crayons, a stack of blank print paper, and a coloring book. I would always let my imagination run as far as it possibly could when it came to creating the perfect masterpiece to my liking. I would draw things like castles, oceans, houses, flowers, blocked letters and more, in various colors. When you are a kid, you are allowed to let your imagination take over; there are no limits when it comes to setting goals or dreaming a dream.

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Your Dreams or Your Parents Dreams

If you know what you're passionate about, you should consider yourself very lucky because there's a lot of people in this world that don't know what their true calling is. That's why need to follow your dreams and create your own path that is separate from your parents because you can't live your life according to other people expectations.

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