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10 Tips That Will Make You the Best Candidate at Your Next Interview

It’s understandable. Interviews can be intimidating. One wrong answer and all your hard work can be diminished to zero. It’s even more stressful when you’re interviewing with a company that you know is the perfect fit for you. Here are a few tips to show the hiring manager that you are the right and only person for the job.

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Get Real: 5 Ways to Deal with Being Black in America

In the wake of everything going on in the world today, one must increase consciousness. I am a black woman in a country that is not set up for me. Therefore, I have to make myself knowledgeable about current events in the black communities and support my Kings and Queens. These days all I hear in the streets is, “why is the news not covering this…why are they imprisoning our black brothers…why, why why?” Stop blaming society for the problems in our communities. We are a part of society. Here are tips I use to deal with everyday life in America as an African-American.

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Why I Decided to Drop Everything and Spend a Year Abroad

Studying abroad has become a common thing in almost all Universities. Whether you want to cross the border and go somewhere close, or cross-continents and experience a whole new world, the options are endless. You get to go to a new country and experience a new culture, meet new people, try new things you may not be able to try anywhere else, and sometimes even learn a new language or two.



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How to Combat the Fear of Change

Have you ever been dissatisfied with the current events in your life? Do you feel like your life is miserable and boring? If you are having these recurrent feelings of dissatisfaction, it's time for a change, because your life has become stagnant. It's time to chase after your goals and those things you’ve been desiring for numerous years. Change isn't easy.

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Everyone on Instagram is Not Doing Better Than You

Before social media even became a concept, we’ve been experiencing FOMO. It’s why we keep up with the Joneses. It’s why we find ourselves heading to the same restaurant we saw someone rave about not too long ago. We just have to be a part of it. I would even argue that it’s why word of mouth is so popular; no one wants to be out of the loop. We all want to be able to say we were a part of that exciting, interesting, fun thing that everyone is talking about.

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17 Healthy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Inner Peace

There’s so much noise everywhere in our lives. Sometimes, it amounts to just too much stress. The news regularly reports murder, rape, robbery and crime. We work 80 plus hours, some even more. We deal with family, friendship, and relationship issues. We try to keep up with social media and our finances, all while trying to remain sane on a daily basis.

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