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Why You Keep Getting into Unhealthy Relationships & How to Fix

At a young age, my mother taught me some valuable lessons such as to never depend on a man and to love yourself unconditionally.She was a single mother, raising two kids on her own. She had too much pride to ask others for help. She never felt the need to have a man by her side to make her feel complete, and I admire her for that. However, the most valuable lesson that she has taught me is to never allow a man to make you feel unworthy.

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3 Simple Ways to Indulge in Self-Care

Reading is something we often say we don’t have enough time for (I’m definitely guilty of this). Reading is so transformative, and not only can it make you a better and more imaginative person, but it can catapult you into a separate world, where you think of other characters, ways to better yourself, or even get new information. My personal favorite genre is fiction, and has been since I was a kid. 

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5 Inspiring Lessons I Learned from The Sisters in Power Conference

The conference was held a few months ago at The Downtown Club in Houston Texas. A panel of influential woman touched on topics from being a girl boss to unifying our black girl magic. The panel included Life Coach & Empowerment Speaker Wendi J Turner, Executive Producer of Basketball Wives Shaunie O’Neal, Basketball Wives Star and Creator of Bonnet Chronicles Tami Roman, Actress Elise Neal and New York Times Best Selling Author and Reality TV Star Toya Wright.

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17 Healthy Things You Can Do to Protect Your Inner Peace

There’s so much noise everywhere in our lives. Sometimes, it amounts to just too much stress. The news regularly reports murder, rape, robbery and crime. We work 80 plus hours, some even more. We deal with family, friendship, and relationship issues. We try to keep up with social media and our finances, all while trying to remain sane on a daily basis.

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How to Fully Surrender & Remove the Shame of Your Past

Years rolled by, and I had buried it. I couldn’t even recall it myself, but He has been digging deep lately. Delivering me from things I was unaware of, and revealing a past I was still a slave too. I got confused. I was saved, forgiven, healed, and changed. He had even confirmed these things. I had heard them loud in the quiet of my soul. Forgiven. New. Saved

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I'm Dating a Married Man

Married men having mistresses' and secondary homes are nothing new. In the recent years it's become the new "norm". Younger men are getting married and following the trend of their elders. After several surveys, 4 out of 10 women are dating a married man

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Goodbye Office, Hello Weekend

We all get that feeling on a Friday afternoon, just after leaving the office, we want to get home, put on some comfy pjs, turn on the T.V, grab a cup of tea—or wine, and chill until we fall asleep. Good news! There’s nothing wrong with this feeling. Actually, it is a healthy habit to relax after a week of stress and nonstop working. Here are some great ways to escape from your busy weekdays.

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The Reality of Being a Christian

Passion fills us. Conviction pierces our hearts. We are confident in this decision. We raise our hand. We recite a prayer. We are saved. It’s all going to be different now. The way we think. The way we speak. Our desires. Our perspective. Stress is no match for salvation. Temptation has got nothing on a soul dedicated to Christ. We are a new creation. Old things have passed away. 

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