The Perversion of the Quiet Girls

you see what you like, you do what you know
your heart is missing and you’re in a big room with people you don’t know
you go with your gut, you miss all the signs
the world is screaming at you to stop, but as you know
addiction and love are blind

listen sweetheart, I woke up weak
my tummy in my knees
losing my wits, wanting you
losing feeling, wanting you
my jaw is tight.
I digress.

you wonder where to stop,
Hell! I’ll tell you, go all the way
sometimes you become afraid to lose, sometimes losing
makes you lighter. the people in this room all act like strangers
but I understand the secrets they keep behind their eyes.
the drugs, the punches, the bruises, i see it all
they act like they can hide but i know they have all cried
because of pain they have. or have caused.

you see people you know and they act
like they aren’t afraid to die. it’s a perversion to be
docile. it’s a perversion to be apathetic. it’s a perversion to be ignorant.
the quiet things are the most real

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