Student with 500 Birthmarks Defies Bullies to Become A Model


Alba Parejo, 16, from Barceonla, Spain has congenital melanocytic nevus a condition that means her entire body is covered in moles and large patches of darkened hairy skin. While growing up, she felt like a 'monster' and was brutally bullied for having skin like a 'Dalmatian' or 'an alien', but last year, after choosing to embrace her birthmarks and post pictures of her skin online she received nearly 1,000 retweets and 1,500 likes. The positive response gave her the courage to enter a competition to become the public face for an empowerment campaign and now she is featured on billboards, buses and in newspapers. Now she wants to help to liberate others with the condition that affects one in 20,000 through her modelling and show them they have no reason to hide.

Bri'Ann StephensComment