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How One Woman Went From Homelessness To Award-winning CEO in TWO YEARS

This is Kylie Travers, 32, from Melbourne, went from homeless to award-winning CEO. She was living in a garage with her two children for a period before her business. These days, Ms Travers owns a website business, is a speaker and author. She told FEMAIL how she turned her life around and how she's grateful for it 'I learned how strong I am,' Ms Travers said, when speaking about her past. There are stories of triumph over adversity, and then there are stories like Kylie Travers'.

Happy Birthday Esther Ocloo

She quickly became one of Ghana's leading entrepreneurs and a source of inspiration around the world. Today, on what would had been her 98th birthday, Google dedicated to her a 'doodle' illustration. In addition to her own business, she taught skills to other women and co-founded Women's World Banking (WWB), a global micro-lending organisation. On its website, the WWB microlending network says it lends to 16,4 million women around the world, managing a loans portfolio of over $9bn.  Known as "Auntie Ocloo", Esther dedicated her life to helping others like her succeed.

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Acid Attack Survivors Bear Their Scars In Photoshoot

Niraj Gera, 40, from New Delhi met acid attack victims three years ago and asked them to pose. Elevenwomen agreed to help raise awareness about acid attack crimes in India, where convictions are low. The photos - often defiant and joyous - include a 15-year-old who was burnt for spurning a 32-year-old man. Tremendously happy that these women are survivors.

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Embracing Your Beauty

 Claudina Vega was involved in a catastrophic car accident in Mexico in 1996. Her mother drove the car off a cliff and a loose machete fell and injured her leg. Claudina, now 27, has had 20 operations since moving to Denver, Colorado. She has finally decided to embrace her leg after years of covering it up. Such a beautiful and brace woman.

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Beauty and Technology

Jamila Robertson, 30, from London, struggled to find makeup to suit her skin. The blogger has blasted mainstream brands for not catering for everyone so she decided to create an app to help match women to their perfect shade

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Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker

Happy Birthday Sarah Jessica Parker. Thank you for playing characters that show women it is absolutely wonderful to express yourself in any way possible. Thank you for honoring literature and expressing the importance of books and reading resources. We can't forget your eye for fashion.

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Bring Back Our Girls

Such an unfortunate event. With social media being such a powerful tool, lets help spread awareness and the message to find D.C. missing youth. We hope they will return safely to their homes.

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How an App Can Help You Deal With Break-Ups

With a hugely successful skincare range and a number of acclaimed books, Zoe Foster-Blake is a dream gal-pal. And women can now utilise her humorous take on life when dealing with their breakups. Her new app, Break-up Boss, is full of witty advice for getting past an old lover and moving on happily - and there's even a section to write out the emotional texts you would ordinarily regret sending to your ex.