"Because poets feel what we're afraid to feel, venture where we're reluctant to go, we learn from their journeys without taking the same dramatic risks. Think of all the lessons to be learned from deep rapture, danger, tumult, romance, intuition.  But it's far too exhausting to live like that on a daily basis, so we ask artists to explore for us." Diane Ackerman

Meet our poets Teni, Savannah, and Rayana Pink Productions poets write to make you feel. No matter where you are along your journey, each poem is written with the aim to inspire. 

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My Lover is My Gospel

I’m watching our old videos
Your smile seems foreign
I know the trees in the background have now taken refuge into the ground
to sleep for a few months under a blanket of snow.

You’re so sweet, you call me 6 times in a row
I miss them all, you leave a voicemail saying
I feel like I’m living in a dream, that
I’m a new ghost but at least I still have the power to dream
I’m sorry for twisting fate, I’m sorry for making you stay up so late
But there is something else living in my mind,

God, if you are listening, I need to know if you like the sound of my beating heart
God, if you are listening, tell the people out here to love each other
because there isn’t one person I know who isn’t hurting
God, if you are listening, I need you to listen to me
if it’s the human condition to hurt, let it be, but please have mercy
for God’s sake and for the sake of God alone, if you are out there
save the people, or give them strength to save each other
because we are divided beyond comprehension,
because I feel these bodies giving up on love, on each other,
God tell the people it’s worth it! Give them a reason to fight!

My palms are sweaty while the rest of me freezes quietly,
We walk to each other and you promise to meet me halfway,
It doesn’t bother me to know I always walk more,
But tonight I wish you would have tried, a little more.

By Savannah