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Becoming JESSIA: Rebelling and Returning

Jessika Harling grew up in rural British Columbia, Canada. Tofino is a small village brined by salty sea winds from the Pacific Ocean and seasoned with accounts of wayfarers who had come to the end of the road to find themselves.

At the age of two, Jessika’s main activities were singing and making sand castles. Little did she know that 22 years later she would be sharing her songs from stages around the world.

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Why You Should Read Chaneya Joyner’s New Blog, The Savvy Singer

Chaneya Joyner took advantage of the new year and decided to finally start the blog others have been requesting for her to create. The Savvy Singer is for those who love both music and fashion. As a college student, finishing her last semester, Chaneya has her days filled with one task after another but she still finds time to blog, rehearse for her school Opera and study for her classes. In our interview with her, Chaneya shares the secret to balancing her schedule and the most surprising thing about her new love for blogging.

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How Jada Jones Learned to Embrace Her Gift

Any opportunity Jada has had to sing, she’s taken. From the children’s choir to the praise and worship team to her school’s choir, Jada has been singing since she could remember. But it wasn’t until recently that Jada decided to share her talents with the world, through SoundCloud. Find out how Jada realized she had a passion for singing and how she plans to make use of her gift in the future.

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