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Shaa Bailey Shares How Poetry & Business Go Hand in Hand

Almost exactly one year ago, when we interviewed Shaa Bailey, we learned about how her grandfather’s love for poetry ignited her own passion and how the absence of her father impacted her childhood. Today, Shaa is now a part of the Pink Productions as our Creative Writing Editor and in our updated interview she lets us in on latest poetry inspirations, plans to start her own company and so much more.

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Ebony Stewart Sets Her Own Standards of Greatness, You Should Too

As we continue to celebrate influential women, we celebrate diverse individuals who actively participate in supporting, uplifting, and empowering women. Sexual health instructor and poet, Ebony Stewart, is devoted to doing just that. In giving her audience the truth about the social and emotional aspects of sexual health through spoken word, she is the only woman to be crowned the three-time Slam Champion in Austin, Texas. Through her art, she aims to inform and engage others in conversation about sexual health.

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Teni Adebayo Reminds us to Live Boldly

Sometimes we spend so much time trying to be someone for everyone, looking for others’ approval and hoping to find validation through our loved ones’ compliments and smiles. Often times we only end up losing our own identity and feeling discontent. Teni can certainly attest to that, she spent the majority of her childhood trying to please everyone else but herself. But fortunately, her relationship with God restored her self-impression and helped her to become the woman she is today.

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