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5 Tips to Building a Business out of Your Passions with Fitness Influencer and Photographer Mena Darre

June 2, 2017 is a special day for Mena Darre. That’s the day she plans to take the leap and quit her day job to focus full-time on working in her passions. “No matter how busy I get, I squeeze in time for what's important.” Teaching at an all-girls charter school, Mena has learned the importance of setting a strong example for young women. Continue reading to find out how she balances all of her ambitions.

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How Cassandra Orakpo Got Her “I Can” Mentality

It’s so easy to cast away the saying that “you can do anything you want to do.” It’s so easy for people to disregard this truth because if they really believed that they could become anything they wanted to become they would have to acknowledge that their future is indeed in their hands. They would have to accept that their life is their responsibility. And, so many people are afraid to have that much power.But not Cassandra. She’s ready. Wherever life takes her this year, she’s vowed to herself that she can, and she will. Dive into our interview with Cassandra to learn more about her plans and goals.

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Jasmine Nkrumah on Living Your Dream and Not the Dream Others Want You to Live

Have you ever felt that deep frightening feeling that maybe you’re not doing what you were destined to do? Jasmine Nkrumah knows that feeling all too well. With ambitions to become a doctor in grained in her from childhood, Jasmine never questioned her career in medicine – until she began to feel that gut feeling that maybe there’s more out there for her.Find out how Jasmine conquered her fears, and the advice she has for other women who feel like they’re not living the dream they were created to live. 

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