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Lin Marty On Balancing Passion, Pursuit, And Family

It was perfect timing and the perfect message. Listening to a podcast about creative pursuit, Lin Marty knew this was a sign to start her photography business. With more than 10 years of advertising experience in Corporate America, she was at a crossroad. So she did what any creative genius would do, she merged her interests together.Read more about Lin’s transition from Corporate America to photographer extraordinaire.

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Mofe Lawrence on How to She Embraced Her Own Destiny Instead of the Path Others Chose for Her

Growing up in a Nigerian household comes with a ton of responsibility. Out of love, Nigerian parents push their children to pursue roles that guarantee income and job security. Becoming a nurse, doctor, lawyer or engineer is common amongst first generation Nigerian-Americans. And, it’s sort of required. So, when Mofe realized that she was not cut out to be follow the normal path laid out of her, it created an internal dilemma within her. Dive into our interview with our Marketing Director to find out how she decided to choose her own destiny and so much more.

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Tamisha Monet Unveils Her Best Business Secrets

Amongst this generation of trailblazing women is Tamisha Monet, CEO of Metier Sophisticate, a travel and lifestyle PR group. She credits her success to her parents, who have always been positive influences in her life. Growing up she was taught the importance of self-love, as they reminded her daily of her beauty and intelligence.  As a result, she has been able to accept her differences that are often misrepresented by society, and has created a successful business that she believes will better serve the African American community.

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