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Creator of FROREALDOE, Valaencia Thompson, on How to Deal With Anxiety & Uncertainty

After battling with anxiety, Valaencia knows the feelings of uncertainty all too well. Now a social media influencer and blogger, she is intentional on creating a platform to empower all women to be more confident and to walk in their purpose.  Read her story below, as she discusses her personal journey to freedom and the creation of FROREALDOE.

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Ebony Stewart Sets Her Own Standards of Greatness, You Should Too

As we continue to celebrate influential women, we celebrate diverse individuals who actively participate in supporting, uplifting, and empowering women. Sexual health instructor and poet, Ebony Stewart, is devoted to doing just that. In giving her audience the truth about the social and emotional aspects of sexual health through spoken word, she is the only woman to be crowned the three-time Slam Champion in Austin, Texas. Through her art, she aims to inform and engage others in conversation about sexual health.

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