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Why Sharon Beason is the Ultimate Womeneur

As a Corporate Accountant, Sharon had a deep passion for more. She knew that life had more to offer her than the routine, tiresome life that she was living. And so, after two years of side hustling, Sharon quit her job and decided to walk the narrow path of full-time entrepreneurship. Had she not made this bold decision, Womeneur who not be able to inspire the more than 80,000 followers it impacts on Instagram a day. But Sharon isn’t just the founder of Womeneur, she also the CEO of another business, a motivational speaker and an author of her first book set to be released soon. How does she do it all? Dive into our interview to find out.

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Mofe Lawrence on How to She Embraced Her Own Destiny Instead of the Path Others Chose for Her

Growing up in a Nigerian household comes with a ton of responsibility. Out of love, Nigerian parents push their children to pursue roles that guarantee income and job security. Becoming a nurse, doctor, lawyer or engineer is common amongst first generation Nigerian-Americans. And, it’s sort of required. So, when Mofe realized that she was not cut out to be follow the normal path laid out of her, it created an internal dilemma within her. Dive into our interview with our Marketing Director to find out how she decided to choose her own destiny and so much more.

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Tiffany Fulcher on Being a Successful Mompreneur

Tiffany Fulcher knows the power of womanhood and sticking together. She realized that with hard work and dedication, she could have the best of both worlds: a career and a family. And, she wants you to know that you can too. She created Momspace to assist women with the difficulties of juggling career life and family life all at once.

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