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Becoming JESSIA: Rebelling and Returning

Jessika Harling grew up in rural British Columbia, Canada. Tofino is a small village brined by salty sea winds from the Pacific Ocean and seasoned with accounts of wayfarers who had come to the end of the road to find themselves.

At the age of two, Jessika’s main activities were singing and making sand castles. Little did she know that 22 years later she would be sharing her songs from stages around the world.

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How Savello Became an Artist and Why You Can Become One Too

You might say no, but Savello would tell you that you could do it! Anyone can become an artist with hard work, dedication and consistency and Savello is a testament to that. She discovered that she loved to paint when she decided to just do something fun one night. Before she knew it, she started spending long hours in the studio. It was at that moment she realized that she could do this forever.

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Tripoli Talks Moving to LA & Storming The Makeup Industry

Back in February 2016, we had a chance to connect with Tripoli. At the time, she was taking a huge leap of faith, moving from Houston to Los Angeles. She also opened up about the struggles of comparison she faced as a young girl and how she found the courage to stop being invisible.  Almost a year later, Tripoli is still taking risks and living fearlessly. Find out how life has been for Tripoli since she’s made to LA move and what goals she plans to tackle next in her life. 

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Morgan Newton Designing Her Future One Painting at a Time

It’s very rare to find individuals who know what they want to do very early on. But young and talented Morgan Newton was blessed to find her passion at an early age. And she’s well on her way to being one of the greatest artists of our time. She aspires to share her gift with the world as she uses her paintings as a way to spread joy and happiness.

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Dawne Morrow on Overcoming Her Biggest Obstacle: Herself

Come storm or battle, Dawne has been able to push through the challenges of life with her head held high. After discovering one of the key rules of life, she decided to no longer question why things happen the way that they do, but trust that there's a lesson to learned regardless. She doesn't allow herself to remain down or broken. She's an overcomer of everything that has come her way.

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